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How to buy Fildena with Credit Card in the US?

Buying Fildena

In the US, when you are buying Fildena, you will have to buy it online for the best deals. This also means you need to have a way to pay online. Your credit card would be a great option, but not every website can accept credit cards. It is actually not the choice of the website not to accept the cards. Companies like Visa and Mastercard try to protect their clients by only accepting legit transactions with legit businesses online.

Many of the pharmacies that sell Fildena online are not based in the US and that becomes a problem when you try to use your credit card. All is not lost though because there is a way around it.

But first, you need to know a few things about FIldena before you can buy the medication.

What you Should Know About Before Buying Fildena

Fildena is a prescription drug that should only be purchased with authorization from a medical professional. Certified pharmacies do not accept to sell this medicine over the counter without a prescription.

The reason that this drug is prescription only is that it can cause serious side effects if misused. Some people may take an overdose and others may take it with other meds that will cause interaction.

This medication is made using Sildenafil, a chemical compound approved for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and hypertension.

Sildenafil is a safe drug that is also used to make Viagra.

Fildena comes in different strengths in relation to the way it is used and should only be used once a day before sex.

Fildena is not a cure for erectile dysfunction, but a treatment that helps impotent men get a hard erection for penetrative sex.

Caution When Buying Fildena with Credit Card in the US

There is a constant threat of theft of your information whenever you buy things online. Fildena is mainly available online so the same threats that may apply to shopping online would apply here. You need to be cautious when transacting any business online. The need for caution online is imperative.

Genuine Trader: The pharmacy that you choose to buy the medication from has to be verified as genuine. Sometimes it may be hard to know which is genuine and which isn’t. However, reputation usually helps. See what other people are saying about their reputation. Does the pharmacy supply genuine drugs? Do they live up to the promises they make on their site? Are the reviews genuine? Certain unscrupulous websites will have fake reviews to make them seem legit. But you can see through them. Such reviews lack depth and sometimes you can realize that they may be written by the same person.

Genuine medication: Many imitation drugs may have the same name but are not the same thing. Such medicines can be dangerous to your health or they may not work as you expect them to. Genuine medicines can be purchased from pharmacies that deal directly with official suppliers of the medication. For example, the USA Meds purchases their Fildena drugs from the official suppliers of Fildena. They make sure their clients get genuine medicines all the time.

Encryption: This is a very important caution. Sites that accept credit card payments need to take care of the safety of their clients. Encrypted websites will ensure that man-in-the-middle scams will not befall you. This is where hackers station themselves between you and the website so that they can access your transaction information along with your credit card details. It is a requirement that any genuine site transacting business online should be encrypted. However, you too need to be aware of your own safety. Look for indication that the site encrypts its data.

Fake sites: While you may have identified the USA Meds as a genuine site, you need to be sure that is the site you visit to buy Fildena with a credit card. Some street-wise pharmacies may have a similar name to the one you want to visit and you may unknowingly transact with them. Be sure about the site address and the name. The genuine online pharmacy cannot be blamed if you end up on a different site. If you find a site that can be trusted, it is good to store the link to the site so that you can always find it with ease.

Avoid Pharmacies that:

  • Ignore the need for a prescription when buying Fildena
  • Do not have a trained professional pharmacist on hand to handle any inquiries you may have about the medication.
  • Are not certified to sell these drugs online or even in person
  • The pharmacy does not encrypt information you share with them and they share information with third parties.

Pricing When You Buy Fildena Online

Because FIldena is available online, there is a lot of competition between the different pharmacies. You may be able to make a huge saving when you buy this medication from pharmacies that have closer ties to the Indian Manufacturer. Unlike in the USA where ED medication will cost you a fortune in the long run, Indian pharmacies sell their medications cheaper. Your credit card makes it easier to pay for the medication even if you purchase it from a pharmacy outside the US.

Before you zero in on a pharmacy, shop around to compare prices. You may come across an unbelievable offer from a genuine pharmacy.

When you find the price of the drug, it is important that you also know the cost of shipping. Shipping sometimes pushes the cost of the medication up. However, several pharmacies can give you a discount on the shipment depending on how much you buy. This site will even ship them free if you purchase over $199 worth of Fildena. But, you should remember that the US regulations indicate that you shouldn’t buy this medication for sale. Personal use should be the reason you are purchasing Fildena and so you shouldn’t purchase more than 3 months’ worth of supply.

Buying Fildena Online in the US

It is really simple to buy Fildena with a credit card once you find the right pharmacy like The USA Meds or Healthy Generic. Of course, you should ensure that they accept credit card payments and your bank is compatible with the pharmacy.

The first step would be to present your prescription to the pharmacist. Your prescription will be verified and then the process can begin.

There is a range of Fildena drugs you can choose from. You may prefer a chewable pill, oral jelly, or the ordinary tablet that is swallowed with water. Indicate which of them you would want. You can also seek guidance from the online support to help you choose the type of drug. Note, your urologist may indicate that you should get Fidena or Sildenafil, but they rarely limit you to the form. You can choose any you feel more comfortable with as long as you get the right strength.

You can then indicate the amount you want and provide details about the address where the package should be delivered. It helps to read through the terms of the pharmacy regarding delivery and their return policy. If you are satisfied with that information, proceed to the checkout where you will make the payment. There are choices for you to make payment. Choose the one that you prefer and enter the details. Using a credit card on most of the legit pharmacies is easy. However, ensure you follow safety precautions.


1- How long will it take for me to get Fildena?

It will depend greatly on the pharmacy you buy it from as well as the courier service. Some pharmacies have more efficient delivery procedures and you may get the package within 3 to 5 days. At times there may be delays that may mean you have to wait longer but such delays would be communicated to you. The USA FDA may choose to hold the medication to ensure it is safe and genuine.

2- Is Fildena legal for purchase in the USA?

This medication is made from approved ingredients that are known to be safe for human use. The American authorities allow individuals to purchase medication like this because of the benefit they have in improving their lives. This medication is cheaper than what you would find in the USA so it helps people who may not have insurance cover to treat ED.

3- Will I be charged more for credit card purchases?

The online pharmacy does not charge extra when you purchase products using a credit card. You may have to find out from your credit provider if there is an extra charge or purchasing products online or outside the US. All the charges you incur when shopping online should be indicated in your invoice.

4- Where can I buy Fildena with credit card?

Fildena is available right here on this site. You can pay for the medication with your credit card. The site is encrypted and our medication is genuine.

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