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Can Fildena Cure Erectile Dysfunction?

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It’s a common scenario, a man fails to get an erection, and he starts searching for a quick solution to the problem. Later on though, when he finds this solution, he wants to know if it will be a cure for this embarrassing illness.

Fildena 100 is one of the medications recommended to men with erectile dysfunction and if you are wondering if it can cure erectile dysfunction, you need to read this some more because it is one of those complex answers.

The simple version though, is that it may depend on the cause of the erectile dysfunction. Many cases of the illness can be cured while some need to be managed using Fildena.

What is Fildena and What Does it do?

This question will help direct us to the main answer to whether you can be cured of impotence using Fildena. This drug is a brand of medicines made using Sildenafil. Sildenafil is the most popular ED drug which acts on the soft tissues of a man’s penis as well as other blood vessels.

It helps men get an erection by relaxing the muscles in the vessels. ED usually occurs when the blood vessels are tense and narrow. When you swallow a Fildena pill, it blocks an enzyme called PDE-5 so that nitric oxide can be produced by cGMP to relax the muscles and widen blood vessels.

Blood can then run through the vessels in large volumes. When combined with sexual stimulation, a man will get hard.

This medication however has a half-life of 4 hours. That means it is active in the body for between 4 and 8 hours, sometimes stretching up to 10 hours. It doesn’t seem like much of a cure now does it? But there is more you need to know about erectile dysfunction.

Is Erectile Dysfunction Curable?

What you need to understand is that there are different types of erectile dysfunction. Some are curable, and others may be a condition that has to be continuously treated. The defining characteristics of the two kinds of ED are the causes. Note that impotence is usually a symptom of another illness. That illness can determine whether your condition is curable or not. Sometimes it is not even an illness but a lifestyle.

People who drink heavily, smoke, eat too much fat and live a dormant lifestyle are more likely to end up impotent. Changing such a lifestyle can change the condition of your erection.

Other times, difficulty getting an erection could be due to your state of mind. A man with relationship problems may not easily get an erection. When you suffer depression, it can also affect your sex life. It will require that you attend to those problems so that you can eventually start having normal erections.

When it comes to illness associated with ED, diabetes, hypertension and cardiac problems are among the most common causes of the condition. These illnesses may make impotence incurable, and instead, you need to treat it. Fildena is commonly used in such cases to help a man get and maintain an erection.

Nightly Fildena Could Restore Penile Function

A 2004 report presented to the American Urological Association shows promising results from nightly treatment using Sildenafil. According to the research by the University of Cologne, giving men with erectile dysfunction a nightly dose of Sildenafil could restore natural erections with time.

Fildena taken every night could have a positive effect on endothelial cells which are found along the walls of blood vessels

This is based on a small study of 76 men who took 50 Mg of sildenafil every night. These men were followed up for 12 months to see what effect the drug would have on their erection. Another group of men was allowed to use viagra when they needed to get an erection.

At the end of the study period, it was discovered that 60% of the men who took nightly treatment of Sildenafil had regained their normal ability to erect. Blood flow was also measured and the men had significantly improved blood flow through their vessels.

In contrast, the men who used Sildenafil whenever they chose, did not have any improvement except for one participant.

This research opens the way for new studies into the use of Fildena as a daily treatment for ED and possible cure for the problem. At the moment, the sample space of the research may be too small for concrete conclusions to be made. However, at the same time. It is a promising indication that for curable cases of impotence, regular use of low doses of Fildena can prove helpful.

Benefit of Regular Erections

With the use of Fildena, a man can have more regular erections even when he is not going to make love. Commenting on the study above, Professor John Mullah The Director of Sexual Health Medicine at Cornell Unversity New York says regularly getting an erection helps keep the penis healthy, it can also slow down the progression of impotence. He adds that it also benefits the mental wellbeing of a man if he can get hard often.

In this we realize that Fildena may be more than a cure for ED, it can also cure other ailments associated with the problem. Depression often sets in when a man is impotent. Using this medication regularly will assure a man of his manliness and along with therapy, they can overcome depression for good.

Nightly and morning wood are known to be the way the body provides oxygenated blood to the penis. It is important therefore that an impotent man uses Fildena regularly so that the penis can remain healthy. This will improve the chances of curing the problem since the penis needs to be kept in a healthy state to get erect when it is time to make love.

How to Cure Erectile Dysfunction

So we mentioned earlier that certain cases of ED can be treated. This however takes some effort on your part. The doctor too will need to help especially through tests and assessment of the condition and progression of the treatment.

The key step in this process is identifying the cause of ED. When you know what is causing it, you can decide what action to take. Here are some steps.

Treat underlying illness: It is established that ED usually occurs as a result of other illnesses. Among them are hypertension and cardiac problems. While you use Fildena to get an erection, you should also treat such underlying problems. Hypertension for example is the reason blood vessels are tense. If you manage that situation, you can eventually get an erection without using medication.

Make lifestyle changes: Impotence can be the result of lifestyle choices you make. Smoking and the use of alcohol are among those bad choices that will need to be changed. By giving up such habits, you can reverse the negative effects they have on blood flow and even on your heart. As you use the medication, you also need to become more active, exercise regularly, and probably lose some weight to get the blood flowing freely. Your specialist can advise you on the right exercise to do and how frequently you should do it.

Improve diet: The foods you eat play a significant part in determining your health. Certain foods can increase cholesterol which is bad for your blood circulation. Your heart can be affected by fatty foods, especially junk food. You would have to switch to heart-friendly foods. Advice from a nutritionist may be necessary. A reduction in sugary drinks and foods is also a wise dietary move. Taking too many sugary things will not only increase your weight, but it can also cause diabetes which is known to affect virility. As you eat, mind about your different organs because in the end, your entire body is connected and you should be healthy for any other organ to work well.

Get Counseling: If your ED is a result of your state of mind, it is necessary to couple treatment with Fildena with counseling. Whether it is depression or a problem with your relationship, you need to address that with the help of a specialist. The medication alone will not help because sex is an activity that involves the mind as much as it does the body. A calm and relaxed mind is necessary for an erection. Eventually, you will be able to get an erection without medication if you can solve the mental issues.

Stop Medication: You can also cure ED if you stop using certain medicines. Some drugs are known to affect your sexual performance. When you stop using these medications, your body may return to its normal function. Of course, you should find out from the doctor who prescribed the drugs when you can stop using them.


Can Fildena cure erectile dysfunction? It depends on the cause of the problem. Some kinds of impotence can be cured using regular treatment with this drug combined with changes to your lifestyle. There is promising research that shows treating the problem daily with low amounts of the drug may have positive effects on some men. In the end, though, every man with this problem needs to depend on instructions from their doctor to discover how effective the drug can be.

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