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How to get Fildena 100?

Get Fildena 100

Fildena 100 is a brand of Sildenafil pills made by Fortune Healthcare. These pills are a fast solution to impotence. One pill is enough to cause a strong erection that lets you enjoy sensual moments with your lover. While the allure of breaking free of impotence may seem enticing you need to first understand a few things about Fildena 100.

Before You get Fildena 100

There are certain facts you need to understand as you prepare to get this medication. Key among those facts is that this is not a recreational tablet. You will not have awesome sex just because you have taken this drug.

Fildena 100 is a vasodilator andacts by widening the blood vessels in the body. A normal and healthy man doesn’t need to take this medicine to get an erection or to sustain it.

So, you should first establish that indeed you cannot get an erection normally and that this condition is recurring.

It is just as necessary to confirm that using the medicine is safe. This means you have no allergies to Sildenafil or any ingredient of the drug. Interactions are a common caution users of any medication are warned about. It is no different with Fildena 100.

Talk to Your Partner

If you have a partner you have to discuss your problem and the possible solution with your partner. Even though it may seem like impotence is a personal problem, your partner is also affected by it and they should have a say in the way forward. Your partner has to see how they fit into helping you manage the situation which affects them as well.

Research shows that men who have the support of their partners before they begin treatment are more likely to continue with the treatment. It is also important to be open about this treatment because you do not want to hide whenever you are taking the medication.

Doctor’s Visit

A diagnosis of your condition is important before you can start treatment. The best way to have the diagnosis is to visit a specialist. Some couples may decide to see a sexologist and may, later on, be referred to a urologist or you can see your GP. If the condition needs a specialist, you will be forwarded to one.

The doctor’s visit may feel a bit uncomfortable but it is necessary. Eventually, you will relax and it should go smoothly. You will have to answer some questions aimed at painting a clear picture of the extent of the problem. The questions may include when was the last time you got hard? Do you sometimes get up with morning wood? Can masturbation get you stiff and if the stiffness may occur and then subside in the course of sex.

Another set of questions will be aimed at determining the cause. These questions will be about your lifestyle. How often you exercise, what you eat, habits like smoking, and any history of injury to your organ.

You will also be tested to figure out the condition of your arteries. It is necessary to go through all this because it helps determine if Fildena 100 will be effective in treating your condition. Also, sometimes you do not need the medication because you may have a problem that will clear off following certain conditions. The medicine doesn’t have to be used by everyone.


This is an essential step to get Fildena 100. Your use of this tablet depends on the specialist’s prescription. It’s wise to tell the doctor about your desire to use this particular brand. In most cases, what the doctor prescribes is 100 Mg of Sildenafil. You can then choose the brand you would like to use. Fildena is one of several brands of Sildenafil. The prescription will indicate how often you should take the medicine. It may be written on paper and handed to you or it can be forwarded digitally to your pharmacist.

The specialist will also give you instructions on how to avoid overdose and interactions.

Buying the Drug

With a prescription, you can choose where you prefer to get the medication from the online Pharmacies like The USA Meds and Healthy Generic. You simply need to identify the best place to find it. This could be right at the urologist’s clinic or from a local pharmacy if they have it.

It is a good idea to find out from your health insurer if they will cover the cost of the medication. Some insurance companies do not. If you will have to pay for it out of your pocket, then consider getting it online, you can save much more when you purchase the drug from an online store like this one.

Delivery of the treatment may take a maximum of 7 days but it usually takes shorter than that. You can choose to get a large quantity of the pills so that you do not have to reorder and wait a long time before you get them.

Alternative way to get Fildena 100

If you are unable to access a specialist or you do not fancy having a face-to-face conversation with a doctor about your condition, there is an alternative. Online pharmacies provide assessments right in the comfort and privacy of your home. No, they will not come to you; they are available online. You can speak remotely to a professional and they will assess your need and prescribe the medication accordingly. It will be similar to a doctor’s consultation but tests may not be conducted.

As you get Fildena 100 from an online pharmacy, take precautions to ensure the enterprise is legit. Some internet dealers are scammers. Look out for signs of professionalism and certification. Any pharmacy that is all about the money will not bother with prescriptions or assessments. Those would be red flags for you to abandon the pursuit.

We suggest you get Fildena 100 from this site. We are a certified online pharmacy with genuine ED drugs. Our pricing is favorable and you would be interested in the exciting discounts that we offer. Medication can be delivered right to where you are in packaging that doesn’t attract attention nor give up what is contained in there.

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