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What is Fildena 100 Used for?

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The raw ingredient of Fildena 100 was first tested in labs for its ability to manage hypertension. The tests were successful, but another property of the drug overshadowed its potential to treat hypertension. What was that? Its ability to cause an erection in impotent men.

This ingredient we are talking about is Sildenafil. This chemical is a salt that can cause blood vessels to expand. Maybe you can see how that can help with hypertension. But to many, it comes as a surprise that expansion of blood vessels can also cause penile erection. Let’s address that in a bit.

Fildena 100 is made using the chemical Sildenafil. This is an FDA-approved treatment for sexual inability in men. Although this medicine is promoted as a drug for erectile dysfunction, it can be used for more than just that. Let’s go back to how Sildenafil works to explain that.

How Fildena 100 Works?

Fildena and Sildenafil are the same drugs only that Sildenafil is a generic name for so many other brands including this one. That said, the drug is a vasodilator that achieves dilation by manipulating the working of enzymes in the blood vessels. The enzyme that is affected by the introduction of this medicine is phosphodiesterase type 5. It is also abbreviated as PDE-5.

Fildena 100 is a PDE-5 inhibitor. This means when it is introduced to the body, it stops the enzyme from working. The result of that inactivity is the activity of a corresponding enzyme called cGMP. This one will cause muscles in the vessels to relax. When muscles relax, the vessels soften and expand. In a short while, larger volumes of blood are flowing through these vessels.

Somehow, it may still seem cloudy what this has to do with an erection or maybe even hypertension. The connection here is that the penis needs blood accumulation in its chambers to get erect. However, impotent men usually have a restricted flow of blood because the vessels are tense and narrow. The widening of these vessels will enable blood flow into the penis. But, contrary to myths about such drugs, an erection doesn’t occur simply because you have swallowed the pill. This medication makes it possible for other actions to trigger the erection. Just like with a normal man, sexual stimulation will trigger an erection. That could be mental or physical stimulation.

When it comes to hypertension, however, the effect doesn’t need stimulation. Relaxing of vessel muscles causes a reduction in blood pressure.

Medical Use of Fildena 100

In the medical field, this medicine is popularly used for erectile dysfunction. When a doctor diagnoses a man with ED, the first line of treatment is oral tablets like this one. The 100 Mg dose is what is commonly prescribed for a start. In about 80 percent of the men treated with Fildena 100, success is achieved.

These pills are recommended for use just before intercourse. The timing of administration can vary between 30 minutes to 4 hours before foreplay. For optimum results, men are advised to take it an hour before engagement.

When an impotent man is given this drug, he can get an erection like a normal man. This effect usually lasts between 6 and 10 hours after taking the drug. It is used only once in 24 hours to reduce chances of the occurrence of side effects and overdosing.

Although this pill is not the go-to medication for pulmonary hypertension, it is used on a small scale for that purpose. The vasodilation property of Sildenafil can help control high blood pressure. Doctors though would prefer a lower dose of the drug and so the option of breaking the tablet may be applied. Despite the branding and promotion of this medication as a sex drug, it can still be used to save lives as well as improve quality of life.

In other medical treatments, it is used to manage prostate enlargement. Problems of the prostate are usually associated with impotence. The buildup of pressure in the organs can cause the prostate glands to enlarge and this comes with other problems like difficulty urinating. By relaxing the blood vessels using this drug, the prostate glands will also be relieved. But again, doctors prefer small regular doses as opposed to a single daily dose. The option of breaking the pill can address that need. Fildena 100 can be used when lower doses cannot be accessed.

Fildena 100 Used in Sports

This is not a practice encouraged by sports or scientists, but some sportsmen do use the drug. The idea behind its use is that by enabling the increased flow of blood through the vessels, more oxygen can get to muscles and other organs this can improve performance in sports that require endurance like marathon running, long-distance cycling, and swimming. More studies need to be carried out to find out how effective it is in sports.

Fildena 100 Used in Pop Culture

The use of Sildenafil recreationally is discouraged by doctors, however, that has not stopped pop culture from adopting its use. Many myths have supported its ability to improve performance and enjoyment in the bedroom. Many youths misuse this drug and put their lives in danger when they mix it with other recreational drugs.

Some women have been known to take it before sex because it can cause clitoral arousal. Men may use it with the hope of having better sexual stamina. Medical research however indicates that this recreational use is more of a danger to the users. When used unregulated, the chances of serious side effects increase. Severe headaches, vomiting, and priapism are among the effects reported when healthy men use Fildena recreationally.

New Research on use of Fildena 100 to Manage Alzheimer’s

New research published in Nature Ageing, reveals that there is hope for elderly people to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease through the use of Sildenafil. The research carried out by Cleveland Clinic tried out different medications approved by the FDA. This study was intended to identify the best medication to use in slowing down or reversing the progress of Alzheimer’s disease.

More than 7 million patients were part of this study and the results were promising. Over 50% of the people who took part in the study showed a remarkable reduction in occurrences of the degenerative disease.

Although clinical trials are yet to be carried out, it is already safe to get excited about a possible new use of the medication Sildenafil which is also present in Fildena 100. Considering both impotence and Alzheimer’s disease are associated with aging, it can be great to know that a single drug may assist in both conditions. According to The Program Director at the National Institute on Aging, Jean Yuan, this is part of efforts to use existing medications to combat diseases associated with aging. At the moment though, doctors are not in a hurry to prescribe the medication since more data needs to be provided on its benefits in the field and how it should be administered.

Benefits of Fildena 100

The use of this treatment is supported by the convincing benefits it provides the users. There may be several benefits, but we shall highlight just a few of them.

Improved quality of life: Erectile dysfunction is one of the biggest causes of poor quality of life for men 40 and above. It can drain a man of so many ingredients for a good life. For example, self-confidence can drop to levels that you may no longer find the courage to talk to women or go out in public. Eventually, depression too can set in. But by using this drug, a man can regain all that he has lost and life will feel much better.

Improved relationship: Romantic relationships can lose the romance after a couple can no longer make love. From being a couple, they become individuals who know each other. By using this medicine, the couple can rekindle the sex in the relationship and that will strengthen their bond.

Better health: Blood flow to the penis and other body organs is essential for good health. Impotence can be a signal that your blood vessels have a problem or another organ. A vasodilator like Fildena 100 will correct the problem even if it is momentary. In the end, the organs that need blood supply will get an adequate amount of it.

Happiness: No one can be happy when they are sick. It can even be worse for a man who cannot use his manhood to be manly. The treatment enables him to have sex and that can make him happy. Sex is known to increase the happiness hormones in the brain. Having a fulfilling relationship will also contribute to happiness.


Fildena 100 is made for use as a drug that promotes increased blood flow through the body. This makes it an appropriate treatment for impotence. The main use of the pill is in male sexual health However, there are other uses that it can serve. These include managing high blood pressure, prostate complications as well as recently discovered ability to manage Alzheimer’s disease.

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